Accelerator API Documentation

Please ensure you have read the beginners guide in order to understand the commands below.

All commands are sent to the snaptNginx module. Below is an example URL string for the Accelerator:


Common Commands

The most common Accelerator commands are available below. You can call system.listMethods to see a detailed list of all the available methods.


Statistics and runtime information can be fetched with the snaptNginx.getStatusPage command. Seen below in Python:

 Applying Changes

To restart you can issue the snaptNginx.reconfigure call. You can check if it needs a restart by sending the snaptNginx.needRestart call.

 Additional Commands

You can see all the available commands by sending a system.listMethods() call to the snaptNginx API –

Command List


Get a list of the methods available.



Get help on a specific method, it’s usage etc.



Check if the Accelerator is currently running.



Marker of whether you need to restart the Accelereator to apply recent changes.



Do a live reload of the config



Stop the Accelerator from running



Start the Accelerator if it is not running